Once you have read this entire page of information,
you may click through to begin the course via the link below.
1.)  Read this page before clicking through, so you are aware of what you need to know!

2.)  You can pay for the course using Paypal, or any major credit/debit card
near the bottom of this page, where it says "Buy Now" ($68.00).
Please pay for the course below before proceeding to register and begin studying.
Once you have completed payment, click the link that says "Return to merchant".
This will take you to the orange and white page, where you can register.

3.)  Once you have entered all of the info requested, you may begin studying.

  4.)  Pick your own pace:  The course itself is 8-hours, by Virginia law.  The beauty of completing it online, is that you can choose whether to do it all in one session, or break your sessions into what is most comfortable for you.  Please be aware that each section times out (so the total equals 8 hours).  If you should complete a section, you cannot "jump ahead" (good time for a snack or the rest room!)

5.)  Course re-entry:  
You must re-enter the License Saver course through this website.  There are other schools that utilize the same vendor, thus, have a similar-looking interface.  Go to the bottom of this page, click "Returning User".  Note:  This system is "case-sensitive". It is important to remember exactly how you registered (caps and lower case need to match what you originally entered, or you cannot continue.)  Another thing to note, when entering your DOB, only enter the last two digits of the year (ex., 88 instead of 1988.)
6.)  Upon completion of the 11 sections and the final test,  
        License Saver will receive notification.  I will email your Certificate of Completion
(normally within 24 hours).  Due to new DMV guidelines, email
is the only method of certificate delivery.  Hard copies cannot be mailed.

                PLEASE NOTE:  (If, by chance, you have hired The Peter Louie Firmas your lawyer,
please let me know, by email at, or text at 757-286-4597
I will e-deliver a copy of your Certificate of Completion directly to his office, as well as your inbox.)

                         8.)   Plan accordingly.  Please don't wait until you are up against a deadline
                    to complete the course, or take the final test.  Your final test should be completed
      BEFORE 10:00 pm ET, or it will not be delivered until the following evening. Normal hours
for issuance of Certificates are Sunday thru Thursday evenings, between 8 and 11 pm ET.
I will strive to get your Certificate of Completion emailed to you the same day.
       PLEASE NOTE:  Any courses that are completed on Fridays through Sunday (or Monday legal holiday), and are not time-sensitive,
   and will be emailed to each student by the end of the weekend.  (After all, neither the Courts or the DMV are open on weekends.)
              If you are doing this course to satisfy the VA DMV, License Saver will also upload your results
directly to the VA DMV by computer!

         (For those they assume that your certificate might not have been sent,
            as it should've, please check your spam box before contacting License Saver.)

                            9.)  PLEASE READ:  If you don't complete your course until the day of your
                                   Court hearing (as they say, until the "11th hour"), you may not receive your                                               certificate in time for your hearing.  If you are in need of your certificate the same
                                 day as your deadline (Court appearance, certificate due to clerk, or the DMV, you
                                  will be charged a $25.00 processing fee.)  Please, DON'T PROCRASTINATE!  
                                    If you wind-up in this circumstance, please phone (not text) License Saver at                                       757-286-4597 with your credit or debit card in-hand.  
Otherwise, your certificate
will not be processed until later that evening.  Thank you.


A word of advice before taking this online couse through License Saver.  Since this method of study allows you the freedom to return to your study at anytime:
1)  Remember, how you register is how you will be recognized upon returning to the course.  It is "case sensitive".  If you registered using all CAPS, or, all lower case letters,
then that's how you must spell your name upon re-entry.  That is the beauty of studying using the online method, you can return to it at anytime and pick-up where you left off.
2)  If you decide to register and do your online driver's course with my school, you must re-enter through my website.  This is the only way to ensure that you are getting credit
for what you are accomplishing.  If you simply cut & paste the website once you get to the site, chances are that you just might re-enter through another school's portal.
 If this should occur, I will be unable to offer proper credit for your final test.  Please, use the link on this page.  Thanks.

Note:  Our policy is that any student that enrolls to take an online driver improvement course has
30 days
to complete all 11 sections of the curriculum, and final test (course is 8-hours, by Virginia state law,
but this online method allows you the freedom to do the course at your own pace.)  
Final test is 50 questions, and you must score 80% to achieve a passing grade, usually takes most people approx.
15 minutes.  In the rare instance that you are not successful in passing your final exam, you must wait until
the following day before re-trying.  Once you complete the final test, License Saver will receive
electronic confirmation, prepare your Certificate of Completion, and email it to you the same day (most cases.)

If you hold a Virginia driver's license, I will also upload your results directly to the VA DMV.
If you register, and do not complete the course in-full, your records will be
purged/deleted after 30 days from when you first registered.
Please do not register unless you fully intend to follow-through.
No refunds will be issued.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.


Now that you have reviewed all of the above, hopefully, you are ready to proceed:

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If paying via credit card, after processing, click the link that says "Return to Merchant".
If you should experience any problem moving forward after payment, please return to
THIS page, then click the "Returning Users" link shown below.  Thank you.)

Online Class -
(Goes directly to online course, for those returning students who have previously paid and registered for the course.)