Reasons to attend:

* FIVE (5) demerit points immediately removed from your Virginia DMV record!  
(This is permitted once every 2 years.)

* Military and Out-of-State drivers are also encouraged to enroll,
your Certificate of Completion will be honored by your home state's Court system.
(DUI or Reckless Driving case pending back home?)
Please check with your home state's DMV or MVA authority FIRST, to ensure that a driver safety course earned in Virginia will be credited in your home state.

(Check with your home state's DMV as to how they will credit you for completing a motorist safety course.
This course and certificate of completion is valid in Courts, in all 50 states and U.S. territories!)

* Attend BEFORE Court hearing to help your case!
(Very wise move!)  Whether you are contesting a moving violations charge, or have been ordered
        to appear, completing this 8-hour course shows the Court that you have been
pro-active, and are
sincere in wanting to be a
safer driver.
(A great many attorneys recommend enrollment in this course as soon as you become their client!)

* Court or DMV Order  
Traffic Court :  In the event that you have already been to Court, and the judge mandates that you take a driver improvement course, or attend a traffic school (traffic clinic), License Saver is the place to turn.  
All Courts, nationwide, recognize and accept our Certificate of Completion as satisfaction of their Order.

:  The same holds true if you've received a warning, or letter of probation regarding possible suspension of your driver's license from the Department of Motor Vehicles, due to excessive points.  If the DMV mandates that you attend class,
License Saver
is where YOU need to be!

In the State of Virginia, if you are 20 years of age, or under, and receive any type of driving infraction,
expect this type of letter from the DMV!

(**Be advised...Once a Court or the DMV orders you to enroll in, and complete a driver improvement clinic, you may, or,
may not be eligible to obtain and receive credit for Five (5) demerit points off your driving record.  
90% of students DO receive these points.  
This is totally at the discretion of the Va. DMV.  I will not be able to tell until I electroncally upload
your certification to them after you have completed the course.)

INSURANCE DISCOUNTS :  You MAY be eligible for a healthy discount from your auto insurance provider, just for having taken this course.  Geico and USAA definately offer such a discount.  
Please check with your own company, or agent, to see if they will do the same for you.