Driving School
                                                         Visa, M/C, Discover, cash or personal check gladly accepted.
                We are bonded and  insured for your peace of mind and protection, and licensed by the DMV of Virginia.
Attention:  Residents of Chesapeake;  Your public school system is no longer offering students behind-the-wheel training.  Call License Saver at (757) 420-7646.  We can help fill the gap,
and get your teen licensed to drive!

****  For those needing to complete a 36-hour driver's ed. class (or, for those who are under 19, and have failed the learner's permit
exam at the VA DMV 3x...class will be offered beginning on Tuesday, July 26th, 6p to 10p!  All evening classes.  This will be the ONLY time this course will be offered in 2016!  Call 757-420-7646 for more information.  (Fee is $175.)  ******

Classroom Course -   Please visit to take this course online.

                                                        Summer, 2016 special low price              $250. solo (Reg. $275!)
                                                                    Bring-a-friend                 $225. each (Reg. $250.)

All students must possess a valid learner's permit, as well as a "green card".
Door-to-door pickup/drop off.

Above posted rate good for Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake (through Great Bridge area only.)  
A surcharge of $25.00 applies for Portsmouth, Suffolk and Sandbridge, due to the cost of fuel and tolls.
If students from
Portsmouth, Suffolk and Sandbridge enroll 2 or 3 at one time, this surcharge will be waived.
* For individuals BELOW THE AGE OF 19.

* Completion of classroom course required
   (A "Green card" from a High School, another private driving school, or VADETS.)
*  Student must possess a valid learner's permit.
* Students will receive 14 hours of instruction (7 driving, 7 observation, approx. 2 hours per day.)
* Final road test administered by instructor (through age 18 only.)
* DMV required.
*******A brief word to parents re: teens who are involved in extracurricular activities at school.*******
Many parents and teens are somewhat at-odds about taking behind-the-wheel because the student is involved in soccer, softball, football, band, or other after-school activities, preferring to wait until the end of the school year.  The only way that I can say this is to be kind, yet direct.  You have to make a choice and prioritize.  It only takes 7 days of behind-the-wheel in order to earn a driver's license.  A small sacrifice, on the student's behalf, which will open the door to freedom on many levels for both the teen and parents (you don't have to drive them to practice and events.)
* For adult individuals age 19 and above, a state-issued learner's permit is required.
* Completion of classroom course not required.
* One-hour session (best rates in the area!)........................................$40.00 per hour (flat rate)
* Final road test administered by the VA DMV (age 19 and above.)
   FOR YOUR DMV ROAD TEST, IF NEEDED..........................................$100.00 per attempt, if appointment made with DMV;
                                                                                                                  **  $125. per attempt, if NO appointment made with DMV. **
(You must make the appointment for the road test YOURSELF.  I am not permitted to make it for you, due to privacy concerns by DMV regulations.  Please make said appointment for any weekday morning at one of the following locations:  Buckner/Virginia Beach; Hilltop/Virginia Beach; Greenbrier Rd./Chesapeake; Wigham Rd./Norfolk, or at the Poplar Hall/Norfolk location.  You can schedule your road test by either appearing in-person to any of these testing locations, or by calling DMV Direct at 804-497-7100.

                                                                    $40.00 per hour/flat rate
Adults that do not require the full behind-the-wheel course, already are able to drive,                
but only want to "brush-up" on thier driving skills for an upcoming DMV road test can
have use of the school's car and instructor for a 2-hour minimum.  

Adults (19+) requiring a DMV road test:  For that price listed above, we will provide a vehicle with which you can legally take a road test, and include 1/2 hour of warm-up practice driving before you arrive at DMV.  Please be aware of the VA DMV requirement, in which adults MUST hold their learner's permit for 60 days before taking a road test, AND you must bring form CSMA-19 (In-Car Maneuvers Observation Record) to your road test if someone, other than our instructor, taught you how to drive.  This form is required to be signed off by each person who has taught you how to drive.  You can get this form at any DMV office, or online at Please note, if License Saver is hired to instruct you behind-the-wheel, there will be no additional surcharge for us providing this completed form.

Adults from foreign countries who are currently licensed in their home country:  The DMV may waive the 60-day wait requirement, depending on which country you are from.  You will be required to take a computer-based knowledge test FIRST, before they will allow a road skills test.  It is your responsibility to contact the DMV and find this out BEFORE going for a road skills test!

                                                    Attention:  Parents of teen drivers
There is an informative newspaper article which was published in the Virginian Pilot during the summer of 2011, regarding insurance rates for teen drivers, and how you may be able to save some money.  I have made it available here for you to read.  Two parts to click, "A" and "B".  Once you open each page, print them for easier reading.

Public notice:  I have received many inquiries from people with a desire to take driving lessons, or have failed their learner's permit test, but do not speak, or understand English.  Teaching any student requires a clear method of communication.  Unfortunately, English is the only language that I speak.  If any student does not speak and understand English fluently, I will only sign you up IF an adult translator accompanies you at each and every classroom session.  I cannot offer in-car driving lessons with a translator present.  Teaching driving requires clear communication between student and teacher at all times.  This policy is not meant, in any way, to discriminate against or demeanor anybody, but so you can learn effectively.