A few prospective students occasionally call with questions about the 8-hour driver improvement class,
                                                              so I'd like to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

                           Q:  Is the course valid for Court ONLY in Virginia Beach, since this is where the class is taught?

                           A:  Absolutely not.  We are Va. DMV approved, and being so, this course/certificate is recognized
                           in virtually every Court juristiction within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and many out of state, as well.
                            (For Court, it may be wise for you to please check with the Clerk of the Court to inquire if an 8-hour,
                              Virginia-DMV approved online course will be accepted by them for your particular case.)

                            Q:  Is License Saver a "DUI" school?

                            A:  Yes and no.  If charged with, or convicted of a DUI offense, what the Court probably requires
                            is that you attend the VASAP program (Newtown Road, Virginia Beach, or other location).  
                            They offer counseling for alcohol and/or drug related offenses.
                            VASAP does offer a driver improvement course, as part of their overall program, but to my understanding,
                            it is only offered approx. once a month, and is only a 6-hour course.  
                            The DMV and Courts require an 8-hour course, offered by a DMV-approved school, such as License Saver.  
                            You may fulfill this part of your requirement by attending LICENSE SAVER!