These are some of the kind reviews of my driving school from great people who have taken my course, either in-class, online, or behind the wheel.

                                                                                                                                         (Facebook Reviews)

John Tutunjian -  05/07/2017
Nathan is by far the the best instructor that I have had in my adult life. He keeps it real but serious at the same time. I strongly recommend taking this course!

Skylar Sims reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 star04/23/2017

mr dresler definitely made the class fun and entertaining with real life experiences on the road, i'm going to be telling all my family and friends about him and refer him to anyone that needs it, for sure!

Novacane Numb reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 st03/23/2017

Great experience! Was entertaining. By the end of the course I was more aware of my own driving errors and was able to target what needed improvement. Recommended my bestie.

Carl Bridges 11/13/20165 s

Nathan is one cool dude! He opened our eyes to a lot of stuff! I would take the class even if I didn't need it! go Nathan!��

Trevor Lucas  09/08/2016 5 sta

Phenomenal instructor, awesome experience and great service! I recommend License Saver to any and everyone

Was offered to take the class through work and was so Happy I did! Mr. Dresler was a great instructor....he definitely kept class interesting! I recommend this to anyone considering going. It's so worth it!

Great course for all drivers. Nate does a good job crossing real life driving experiences into scenarios that we are involved in daily.

Mike Davis to 

Thank u Mr. Nathan Dresler, I enjoyed the class on Saturday, August 13, 2016, u are a great instructor and

I'll be more than happy to recommend people outside to u if they need some type of Driver Improvement or 

Clinic to attend, thanks again Mr. Dresler and have a bless day

I highly recommend License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC..Great driving school, affordable and best teacher ever (Sir Nathan). I passed the road test on my first try.

Unfortunately I had to take the class twice bcuz of points lol but the first time I took this particular class at License Saver about 3 years ago and the instructor, Mr. Nathan was wonderful. He kept the class interesting & definitely not boring. I learned a lot in the class & also changed sum of my driving habits. Well as I was saying, I had to take another class recently & I knew where I was goin...bac to see Mr. Nathan. This time I was able to take it online which was very convenient, but the final test has to b takin in the classroom. Mr. Nathan was nice enough to meet me & it's was really gud to see him. He's still the same pleasant, person that I met years ago. We sat & chatted like old friends lol. I took my test & passed YAY!!! I wud recommend him to anyone out there that needs to take a driving improvement class!!! He's the best! Thank u Mr. Nathan

Michaela Corso reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC   03/23/20165 s

I recently had to take the driving course online for a speeding ticket I had gotten a month ago.

So I took the course online and I loved it because you went on your own pace. And then I called to set up an appointment to take the exam and The instructor Mr Nathan was so nice and helpful he even let me take it the day I called to schedule the appointment! he is very flexible and reliable. I would recommend anyone who gets a ticket to go to him and his office I promise you will not regret it:)

Dawn Cobb reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  starFebruary 8

Recently had to attend a driver improvement class per request. I picked this class as it was most convenient for different reasons. Great discussion! The instructor is awesome, the class is anything but boring and for someone who has been driving for many years I learned something. It also helped that others in the class made it enjoyable also. I highly recommend this class if anyone needs to take it!

Samm Danielle Weatherspoon reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC   01/30/20165

I was dreading sitting in class on a Saturday but I was very surprised on how interesting and realistic Nathan made it. The class caught my attention and I am very thankful to have completed this course. Very informal. I appreciated having a great instructor!

Daniel Clemons reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  tar01/16/2016

Had a great time! Very easy class and a teacher full of wisdom.

Highly recommend this course and would give it a 5 star rating. Enrolled in the on line course and completed it in one long afternoon. Gives you an opportunity to test drive the course before you pay to take the test. Very informative will learn something. Test questions will make you think, depending on your experience level, but certainly not difficult to master. You can also re-review the material prior to taking the test and the owner, Mr. Nathan, is very customer oriented and makes it a enjoyable experience.  -John Dye (01/10/2016)

Chenoa Perry - Dec 28th
Thanks Mr. Nathan Dresler I just finished the drivers improvement class with you and found it to be the best money I have spend. Keep up the great job and I will be telling everyone I know about your class even my co-workers because you know I drive a school bus for Norfolk and we are very defined when it comes to our license.
I took your Sunday class on December 28, 2014.

A student from Aug. 1st's driver improvement class just posted a very kind review, for which I'm thankful: Was pleasantly surprised! Was expecting just a boring 8 hr class on a Saturday but it was actually quite interesting! Mr. Nathan was great and even shared his own personal stories with us to really put everything in perspective. Would recommend to anyone looking to take a driving improvement class! -Michelle M.

The instructor is very honest, informative, and makes the class fun by constantly interacting with everyone. The information provided was a TRUE eye opener to safe driving and how lives are lost daily related to poor choices and judgement behind the wheel. Taking the course voluntarily before my court date helped reduce the severity of my ticket dramatically! Choosing to take License savers class was one of the best decisions I have made! Thanks to the instructor for providing me with the knowledge I didn't have about new laws. Old laws and for refreshing my mind on how to stay safe on the road. Thanks again!! Melissa

Was pleasantly surprised! Was expecting just a boring 8 hr class on a Saturday but it was actually quite interesting! Mr. Nathan was great and even shared his own personal stories with us to really put everything in perspective. Would recommend to anyone looking to take a driving improvement class!

Excellent teacher and class....learn a lot. ....just drive safe.......

I would recommend License Savers to anyone who needs to complete a DMV driver safety course. The on line class was user-friendly and allowed me to complete the units at my own pace. I appreciated not being required to pay up front to take the course. Also, Mr. Dresler was helpful and professional. He opened the office just for me so I could take the final exam at a convenient time.

Alex Waterfield reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 star

The instructor was very down to earth and knowledgeable. I would recommend everyone I know enroll here if you need to take a Driver Improvement course. No one likes having to take these classes but if you are going to sit there for 8 hours and pay the lowest rate in the area it might as well be at License Savers in VB

thank you so much mr Nathan Dresler. really enjoyed your class. there were a few things that I was truly unaware of. thanks to your class i learned somethings that i was truly unaware of. u were helpful, patience and professional. i would definitely recommend your school to anyone who is to take steps in repairing their driving record.

100% I will recommend License Saver Improvement. Mr. Nathan is a professional and excellent speaker. The way he performed the class was interesting at all time. He is a great motivator and teacher. Great location, clean place and provides all the necessary tools for the class.

Given the opportunity by a judge to keep a speeding offense off my record, the online course was a great alternative. Easy to maneuver the study course by following the instructions given online, and Nathan was flexible and dependable in scheduling the final test with me. I would definitely recommend License Saver Driver Improvement!

Nathan! You're class was great man, you helped me through some of my flaws and weren't being really strict. I definitely recommend anyone to take your behind the wheel or driver improvement course. Thank you for being so a good instructor.

Javon Decareau reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 star

Nathan was really interactive with the class.. also put personal situations in the lesson to insure how dangerous and serious operating a vehicle can be.

Jini InaBottle reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 star

Very Patient and kind instructor.
Thank you again for helping me build my confidence on the roads!

Brittany Yu
 reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  5 star

Best driving improvement class around ! I'd recommend it to anyone !

Great class. I will suggest others to go.

Toni Craig reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  4 star

This was a life saver for me. Mr. Nathan was great.

Walter Gorham reviewed License Saver Driver Improvement, LLC  4 star

Great class teacher awesome

                                                                                                                      (Google Plus Reviews)

            Colin Miley - June 4, 2017, 5-star
            I was discouraged and worried. Nathan Dresler the instructor picked up my spirits and gave me some knowledge along the way.
            Great school to help SAVE YOUR LICENSE! If you need points or just looking to learn about driving safety and laws this class is the way.

            Rankece Satchell  -  April 11, 2017, 5-star
            Excellent class. Was skeptical at first because of the low price but definitely a great class. Nathan keeps you entertained
            by combining videos along with talking in depth about real-life experiences that he encountered. Some of the videos he shows
            are definitely an eye opener to the dangers of drunk driving or texting while driving. I highly recommend to anyone who has to
            take this class either by court order or voluntarily like i did.

            Evan Miller  -  March 12, 2017, 5-star
            Best Driver Improvement course in Virginia. Instructor was very kind and was able to make the class
            exciting and sweet interesting. Would recommend to anyone.

            Daquan Hatcher - March 10, 2017  5-star
            If you have a busy schedule and can't make the in-class course, I highly recommend taking the online course.
            It took me about three days to finish the 11 sessions, at my own speed, and less than 20 minutes to come in
            and take the final exam. Nathan was very friendly, helpful and flexible as I was able to schedule a meeting in the
            middle of the week and take the final exam right after work.

            Sean Mitchell - Feb. 15, 2017  5-star
            BETTER! than expected...seriously. Mr. Nathan was professional, hospitable, and completely cool.
            Under the enormous and ridiculous circumstances of my situation, I made a GREAT choice to run with this company...For Real!

            Kevin Dwayne - January 11, 2017  5-star
             Mr.Nathan was extremely clear and to the point!... Best driver course by far...
             I truely recommend this class if you need help getting back on track... Thanks Nathan!...

            Ryan Dayhoff - December 18, 2016  5-star
            Nathan was great and the class was very informative! I would recommend this class if needed!

            Rodney Wright - November 15, 2016  5-star
            The instructor was informative and very helpful. He was down to earth and worked with the students.
            I would recommend the course to any of my friends and relatives.

            Ian Forsten - November 13, 2016  5-star
            Everyone expects a long, boring day when taking a driver improvement class, but you won't get that here!!! The class was very
            educational but enjoyable as well! The Teacher did an excellent job keeping everyone's attention and making the class fun!
            Great guy and very entertaining!!! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!!

            Elizabeth J - November 2, 2016  5-star
            I chose to take the online course. It took me three days to complete the course and less than 15 minutes to take the final exam.
            The instructor was very kind and helpful. I'd definitely recommend this program!

            Rosena Jonson - September 11, 2016  5-star
            I really appreciated how much effort was put into the classroom training by the instructor, making sure that I and other participants had a fantastic,
            rewarding and learning experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have learned what I did through this Driver Improvement Program on today,
            September 10, 2016. Hats off to Mr. Dresler.

            John C -  September 5, 2016  5-star
            Convenient and responsive. Nathan made taking an 8 hour course              easy and made sure that it fit my schedule. Recommended.
            Shelby Stowasser - August 23, 2016  5-star
            Most convenient, down to earth, and easy to understand driving class. Nathan the instructor had the most reasonable prices in Hampton roads and did the job!
            Very easy and painless experience. Would recommend to anyone !

            Travis DiPerna - August 15, 2016  5-star
            Such a great experience overall. Very nice man and very willing to help.

            Hector Chavez - August 13, 2016  5-star
            This course is by far the best Safe Driving course I have ever been to. Nathan is extremely knowledgeable, practical, informative, influential, down to earth, experienced,
            and very competent at what he does. I never thought this course would be interesting but this man makes it an interesting and fun learning experience. You cannot beat
            the price he offers to successfully complete this course. Highly recommended!!

            Nathan Hay - July 24, 2016 5-star
            Best driver improvement class in Hampton Roads. It was a really enjoyable course (for it being what it is) and the instructor was an absolute pleasure. Highly recommended!!
            Nathan Evans - July 16, 2016 5-star
            Over the years I've been to several Driver Improvement Courses at the age of 42. This was by far the most informative , interesting , enjoyable Driver Improvement class I've ever sat through.
            If you need to take the Driver Course this is the ONE TO TAKE.....PERIOD

            Dottie Sexton - May 13, 2016 5-star
            I would recommend this man to ANYONE. He is so friendly & extremely flexible. I couldn't make it to his in class session, so I did the online session &
            he allowed me to come in the middle of the week at 6pm. He understands that everyone has their own schedules. HIGHLY recommended.

            Kayla Morgan - April 29, 2016
            I took the class about two weeks ago, and it was great. The instructor is one of the kindest, most genuine people I've ever met. He speaks honestly about his own experiences
            to make sure that we get more than just the boring information out of the class. I actually took a lot away from the day, and am thankful for it. Great price for a great service. 👍

            Sandra Fleming  -  April 24, 2016
            It was a good class, everything thing was done the same day and the instructor made it stress free , which is good when a person is nervous.

            Tyler Palmer  5-stars  01/16/2016

            Nathan, the instructor is very helpful, and will work with you if you can't make his designated times. I highly recommend taking this course with him, even though he was a far drive from where I live, 

            it was well worth it! He also gave me advise regarding my situation and I found it very helpful, and it may even save my license!

The instructor is very honest, informative, and makes the class fun by constantly interacting with everyone. The information provided was a TRUE eye opener to safe driving and how lives are lost daily related to poor choices and judgement behind the wheel. Taking the course voluntarily before my court date helped reduce the severity of my ticket dramatically! Choosing to take License savers class was one of the best decisions I have made! Thanks to the instructor for providing me with the knowledge I didn't have about new laws. Old laws and for refreshing my mind on how to stay safe on the road. Thanks again!! Melissa
christina martin
I had to take a driver's improvement course as my sentence to avoid a speeding ticket. I chose this company because I could do everything online and get a signed certificate once I went in and passed the test. The online course was very easy to follow and I took the test in about 15 minutes in their office. I loved that they have Saturday hours for test taking. The owner was very nice. I highly recommend this company!!
Steve Moore
Interesting informative great price....I'd highly recommend
Westin Messer
Great price and very informative, highly recommend taking this class.
Destinee Mason
Great class. I learned a lot and at the lowest price I could find!!!!

                                                                                                                (Super Pages Reviews)



When you select License Saver, you've made an excellent choice !! Personally I say this based on the fact that Nathan Dresler was stuck in DMV all afternoon and yet he kept our appointment that day, even though it was after 4:00 and I was the only one taking the test. He went above and beyond as far as I am concerned and I highly recommend his course to everyone.  (Hide)




I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned in this course and how enjoyable the instructor kept the class. This could easily have been hours of death-by-powerpoint but that was not the case. The subject matter was varied and the method of presentation changed as well. I would not hesitate to recommend the License Saver business to someone looking for a driving school to attend.  (Hide)




Very enjoyable class. Well worth the time. Highly recommended.




Awesome class. Thank you! 



Well worth the time and money for this DMV approved class. I even learned about the new position for side view mirrors. The section on texting and driving provides a powerful message.



Class was affordable and worth the time and money. Would reccomend this class to anyone who needs a refresher course or some extra +points on their driving record.



Hello Everyone, My name is Toni, and no I'm not texting while driving.... Ha! Tonight I attended a License Saver Driving Improvement class, and I LOVED IT! Even though I have another session to attend, I have learned so much! My first s... (More)




I would recommend License Saver Driver Improvement LLC to anyone. I just got my license thanks to the hard work and dedication of License Saver.



This class is fun and painless. You have to work but it is worth it for the end result. The instructor was very informative and the blind spot is a real eye opener. Enjoyed the class thoroughly.



Nathan is dedicated to making License Saver a success. He knows that the success of the business is directly connected to customer satisfaction, good reviews, and positive word of mouth. Nathan goes out of his way to make sure you will get what you need from License Saver.



I've known Nathan for 15 years, he worked for me for about 6 of those and was and is an honest, hard working person. If he says he is going to do something ... it's done. Wish i could find more of those types to work for me now! Keep up the good work Nathan! Rich McFadden Director of Operations The Radio America Network



Highly recommended!! Different hours to choose from, reasonable cost, great instructor! I attended this driver improvement class & received my certificate the same day! It is also DMV approved. I had researched several traffic schools before choosing License Saver Driver Improvement. The instructor covers everything you need to know; I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else!  (Hide)



This is a great tool and a much needed course for those who need this service. Mr. Dressler is professional and knows his craft very well. Highly recommended.

                                                                            (YELP Reviews)
    • Jonathan D.
    • Chesapeake, VA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    This is the second driving improvement class I've taken, but the first from Nathan Dresler. The first course I took about a year and a half ago was absolutely dismal, so assuming it was gonna be awful no matter who I took the class from, I just looked for the least expensive option that was nearby. Turns out that was an excellent decision! Nathan Dresler is down to earth, full of humor and humility. He gave personal stories in relation to each topic, and I actually left full of respect for him! I'm not 21 yet so I can't take an online course, but I'm positive if I need to go through driver improvement again for court or want to do it for the points on my record, I will absolutely choose Nathan Dresler as my instructer again!

  • Jami B.
    • Jami B.
    • Sparks, NV
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    This was an AMAZING CLASS! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs points, needs to take it to get their license back, or just voluntary. It wasn't just a boring class, he talked about personal experiences, and it was just an all around great class! I learned stuff I didn't know, and it was also like a refresher course.

  • C. Michelle M.
    • C. Michelle M.
    • Norfolk, VA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Usually classes and instructors like this are so mundane, and black and white. This is this, that is that.  But...this instructor brought his personal experiences to the table, things we could relate to. A learn from me and my mistakes type of learning. Not some teacher that read and studied and really has no idea on a personal level how the negative points on your license effects you and your insurance and driving record. I learned a lot, I could relate, and I definitely took something from his class, and to boot, it was the best price in the area. I called at least ten places, and license saver was the least of them all. If you need to take the class, court ordered, or just want some positive points back on your driving record, I highly recommend Nathan Dresler's class.

  • Matthew E.
    • Matthew E.
    • Norfolk, VA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Excellent place, definitely assisted in saving my hide. The instructor is well informed and ensures that everything is in order. Facility's are great and there is no lack for amenities. Very nice. Much drive. Wow.

  • Tim L.
    • Tim L.
    • Hampton, VA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Very good online course. Learned alot, and refreshed some things I had forgotten.

    There online course was pretty detailed, although some of the information was not needed for the written test, it was still good to know, and will ultimately make you a mor einformed driver.

    Day of the exam, the intsructor/Proctor was very help pleasant to work with.
    He also infomed me that I could let my insurance know that I had completed the Driver improvement course, and there should be adiscount on my policy.

    Highly recommend this course.