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                                                                       Read this article to decide if taking a traffic clinic course is worth your time.
                                                                                                         Tips on reducing or getting out of a traffic ticket.  A good read, click HERE.
                                                              Most of the info in this article is what I offer as suggestions to my students every class.
                          (The section on asking your insurance company for forgiveness? I don't really think that'll be too effective. The rest, good advice.)
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Driver Improvement Clinic Online   
Was $75., now $68.00! (Online)
ATTENTION MILITARY PERSONNEL:  I have been made aware that there are those of you in the armed forces that attend mandatory driver improvement courses annually.  These are great.  Free of charge to you, and the course (in Norfolk) is AAA certified.  But, please be aware that these certificates are NOT recognized by the Va DMV and may NOT be recognized in area Courts!  If you have received a DMV letter, or are Court mandated, contact usWe ARE DMV APPROVED!
We offer you the following:
**  Licensed via Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Motor Vehicles.
**  Electronic upload notification to VA DMV
**  Certificates issued, emailed directly to you the same day (in most cases!)
**  Take the course online anytime, anywhere.
**  Testing centers located in UPS Stores and libraries in Hampton Roads
and other areas of Virginia!
Please note:  License Saver is no longer offering
in-class driver improvement classes.  
If you are at least 20 years old
(and did NOT get your ticket when you were 19!),
then you qualify to take our driver improvement course
online.  Takes 8 hours, just like a classroom course, but,
you can do it from anywhere, anytime you like.  Even at 4am!


*Escuela de Tráfico - Versión en español
*TRAFFIC SCHOOL - DUI / Other questions
 *TRAFFIC SCHOOL - CDL License Holders

**  Many auto insurance companies offer safe driver discounts!
(Each company has their own standards and policies, check with them directly.
I know that Geico and USAA do extend this discount.)
For those of you who have had the misfortune of getting a speeding, or reckless driving violation, getting your vehicle calibrated BEFORE going to Court is usually a wise thing.  
It may mean the difference between a conviction (perhaps even jail, for those charged with reckless), or getting the sentence reduced.  Do yourself a favor.  Besides taking my driver improvement course, you should also call my friends at BEACH CALIBRATION
(Click their name to visit their website.)  You'll be very glad that you made the effort.
*Attorneys that we recommend (for Reckless Driving and DUI cases.)
If you are facing a reckless charge, I highly recommend that you read this article!