New changes in VA DMV rules related to Covid-19, if you are planning to take a driver improvement course, such as this one, big changes are now in effect:
                                            -  NO NEED TO USE A TESTING CENTER ANYMORE!!
                                                              (Effective immediately:  You can do the entire course, AND the final test,
                                                                           from the comfort of your home, office, or a smartphone!  A to Z!
                                                                              Used to have to attend a testing center within the State of Virginia.  Not anymore!  
                                                                Now, the entire course AND final test can be completed from anywhere on the globe!!

           - New age rule:  ANYBODY, any AGE, from teens to experienced drivers.  (Old rule was that you had to be 20 y.o..)

                                                                We offer you the following:
**  Licensed via Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Motor Vehicles.
**  Certificates issued, emailed directly to you the same day (in most cases!)
**  Take the course online anytime, anywhere!
**  Electronic upload notification to VA DMV.
                                                                            Read this article to decide if taking a traffic clinic course is worth your time.
                                                                                                         Tips on reducing or getting out of a traffic ticket.  A good read, click HERE.
                                                              Most of the info in this article is what I offer as suggestions to my students every class.
                          (The section on asking your insurance company for forgiveness? I don't really think that'll be too effective. The rest, good advice.)

Driver Improvement Clinic Online 
Was $75., now $68.00! (Online)


*Escuela de Tráfico - Versión en español
*TRAFFIC SCHOOL - DUI / Other questions
 *TRAFFIC SCHOOL - CDL License Holders

*Attorneys that we recommend (for Reckless Driving and DUI cases.)
If you are facing a reckless charge, I highly recommend that you read this article!