Behind the Wheel Training

                               TEENS (16 & 17 years old):
In order for you to obtain your driver's license, your parent must sign permission for you to get it.  They must certify that you have driven AT LEAST 45 hours (30 daylight, 15 after sunset.)  Just to clarify, this has to be more than simply driving in a parking lot, or around your neighborhood. You need this time driving on actual city roads (I bring this up, because I have run into this scenario too many times.)
You will also need to have a valid Virginia Learner's Permit, as well as a "green card", or certificate of completion from a classroom driver's education course (36 class periods), from either the school which you attend, or a an online course certified by the Va. DMV, such as VADETS.  Once you have all of the above, you are ready to take the behind-the-wheel course to obtain your driver's license.  Note:  License Saver will issue your license to you.  You do not need to take a road test at the Va. DMV, but, it will not be considered valid until 9 months from the date in which you got your learner's permit.

My normal fee is $275. per student.  At this time, I will continue with our reduced (winter) rate of $250. per student.  As per state law, a driving school must have at least 2 teen students enrolled for behind-the-wheel.  There are certain times of the year when we are busier than others, and pairing you up with another teen is not a problem.  To alleviate this, if you have a friend that wants to do this course, and enrolls with you, I will offer a discount of $25. per student, making your total cost $225. each.  (Cash or credit cards are accepted.)

                                     Please ask your parent to give me a call at 757-420-7646, to discuss making an appointment to get you started.

        Proudly serving students of Kempsville High School,
        Tallwood High School, Indian River High School,
    and most of the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk area.