Behind-the-Wheel for adults (Age 18+)
Behind-the-wheel training is available for those that wish to sharpen their skills, or gain more encouragement on the road.  Sorry, License Saver does not take on new drivers who have never driven on the road. If you've only practiced in a parking lot, or don't know how to start your car, put it in gear, and pull out onto the road, sorry, we are not the school for you.  
I am simply being direct and honest.  

But, if you have basic skills, perhaps are a bit nervous, need practice and encouragement before going to the DMV for your road test, License Saver was designed for you.  
We specialize in calming your fears and nervousness, teaching you what it will take for you to successfully pass your road test and get your Virginia driver's license, hopefully, on the first attempt.  License Saver has successfully trained dozens of adults, helping them become successful drivers, and we can do the same for most people who are willing to make the effort.  The key to driving, like anything else worthwhilI am simply being direct and honest.e, is patience and practice.  I like to compare it to learning a song on a musical instrument, the more practice behind-the-wheel, the better your skills will become.  How many hours of behind-the-wheel practice you may need all depends on you, and how quickly you learn (every individual is different.) Remember, our goal is to get you skilled enough to get your license!

Fees:   $40. per hour, flat rate, cash  (A $3.00 surcharge applies for using a credit card.)  We are the least expensive in the Virginia Beach / Norfolk / Chesapeake region.  We do not offer "bundles" of training time.  Some people may require only 2 or 3 hours, which other may require 6, 7 or 8 hours, depending on your skill level, and how quickly you progress.  Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off is included.

DMV road tests:
 License Saver will take you for your road test at a local DMV office using our company car, if needed.  Note:  We cannot accompany you for any road test on a Saturday, only Monday through Friday mornings after 9am.

                                                Road test fees, per attempt:
a)  If making prior test appointment (suggested!);
  $100. cash, $105. credit card.
b)  If no prior test appointment scheduled;
  $125. cash, $130. credit card.

                                            Failed the DMV road test 3 times?
The Virginia DMV mandates that you cannot return for another attempt until you complete seven (7) hours of behind-the-wheel training after your third road test failure.  Upon completion, License Saver will issue you a certificate which will allow you to return for another try (or as many as you may need...hopefully, the next try will be the charm!)  This is offered at the same flat rate per hour as listed above.

                            Call 757-420-7646, or text at 757-286-4597 to discuss getting started.

Attention foreign students:  Due to the nature of behind-the-wheel instruction, License Saver asks that any potential student communicate in, and understand English.  Please understand that driving skills that must be taught by the instructor, and understood by the student, require quick comprehension.  There cannot be any hesitation in communication, which might affect the safety and well-being of the instructor and student while driving a motor vehicle.  Please do not construe this to be prejudicial in any way.